Royal Cornwall Museum

Barham Memorial Tablet – Photograph (PWDRO 244/1); 1914-17

Dr Charles Foster Barham (died 1884) was President of the Royal Institution of Cornwall 1859-61. The tablet commemorating the opening of the Barham Memorial Wing of the Royal Cornwall Museum, built between 1914 and 1917 (Beacham & Pevsner, 2014), is not a small one; it measures approximately 7’ across and 10’ high (A. Broome, Librarian Archivist, pers. comm.). It is built into what was originally an external wall but owing to a modern extension, is now within a room next to the Library. The incised wording is ‘Barham Memorial Wing’ and above is a carved coat of arms with a crest which were presumably borne by Barham’s family. The tablet is bolted onto a magnificent carved granite surround.


Beacham, P. & Pevsner, N. (2014) The Buildings of England. Cornwall. Yale University Press, London.

PWDRO 244/1 Photograph Album. Various. Woodcarvings.