Sheepstor Bench End
Bench end at Sheepstor, Devon, designed and produced by Violet Pinwill, showing Peter the hermit preaching the First Crusade.

One of the major aspects of research over the last tent years has been the compilation of a catalogue of Pinwill work. The idea is that it may enable people to find and better appreciate the work of the Pinwill sisters. Evidence for the majority of pieces is drawn from the Pinwill archive at Plymouth and West Devon Record Office (PWDRO). This consists of five albums and two sets of loose photographs of work carried out by the Pinwill company, but it is by no means complete, is in no particular order, and rarely provides dates. Information gathered from the photographs has been supplemented through a wide range of other sources, including contemporary newspaper reports.

I have also endeavoured to visit most of the churches in order to verify that work still exists and to collect any further information. The Catalogue is an on-going project and will be updated as and when new information comes to light. There is still plenty of research to do, particularly at Devon History Centre and Kresen Kernow (previously Cornwall Record Office), and probably many more wonderful pieces of carving to discover.

The Catalogue Format

The format of the Catalogue may require some explanation. The primary source for the item is provided, followed by architect/designer (where known), and then the date (usually of installation) is given, either from an inscription on the item, a newspaper report of its dedication, the church guide, or some other source. A description of the item is provided, together with any other related information. Where an item is in italics there is some doubt or insufficient evidence about its status as a piece of work by the Pinwills.

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