Helen Wilson
Giving a presentation on the Pinwill sisters to the Devonshire Association Buildings Section at Lew Trenchard, Devon. [Photo: Sue Andrew]

Born in Plymouth, Devon, on the border with Cornwall, I developed an interest in both counties, and especially an appreciation of their ancient churches. I first discovered the Pinwill sisters in 2009, while visiting Morwenstow church, Cornwall, an experience that sparked a desire to uncover more about them. As well as my research, I have given over 90 talks on the Pinwill sisters across the two counties, including guided tours of their work at Truro Cathedral and Crantock in Cornwall, and Lew Trenchard and Ermington in Devon.

My background is in science and I have endeavoured to bring a systematic and analytical approach to my research on the Pinwills. I first produced a chronology of Pinwill work that fed into a detailed catalogue, based on photographs held at Plymouth and West Devon Record Office and painstaking searches of newspaper archives. Further research into the lives of the Pinwills, Edmund H. Sedding and the wider context of their work, enabled me to produce the first full study of these important Westcountry craftswomen.

On my Twitter account you will find posts about the Pinwill sisters, Arts & Crafts, churches, stained glass, and all things Devon and Cornwall.