City Council

Lamp Base – Chaytor (1990); 1950

This is an item described in Chaytor (1990) and in reports in the Western Morning News (1950a; 1950b). On 15 July 1950, at Saltram House, Plymouth, a lampstand and shade were presented to Winston Churchill, Leader of the Opposition, on the occasion of ‘Plymouth Fair’, a political fête and demonstration. It had been bought through public subscription but V. Pinwill was commissioned by the City Council to create the lamp base. This was made out of a block of wood from HMS Implacable on which was carved a view of Drake’s Island. The shade was prepared and painted by A.H.J. Mockridge, late of Plymouth School of Art. Churchill wrote to thank the people of Plymouth for the ‘most attractive and useful present’ (Western Morning News, 1950b p. 3).


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