Arthur Shelley

Oak Frame – Newspaper article (Western Daily Mercury, 1889); 1889

A copy of ‘Virgin and Child with St Jerome and St Francis’ by Perugino (then, as now, in the National Gallery) was produced in watercolour by Arthur Shelley and displayed by Messrs Harris & Sons at their rooms in Union Street, Plymouth. An oak frame had been carved specifically for the work by the Misses Pinwill of Ermington. This was announced in November 1889, making the frame the third (known) piece of work by the Pinwill sisters, after the Chilthorne Domer reredos and the Ermington pulpit, although numerous other small pieces would have been produced around this time, before the company of Rashleigh, Pinwill & Co. was formed.


Western Daily Mercury (1889) Devon and Cornwall. 11 November p. 5.