St Paul

Yelverton Choir Stall Poppy Head
Choir Stall Poppy Head at Yelverton

St Paul’s started life as a wooden church but was replaced by a permanent one between 1910 and 1912 (Gelsthorpe, 1985). The land was gifted by the Misses Bayley, together with a total of £1515 towards the costs, and the exterior stone was donated by Sir Henry Lopes from his Yennadon Quarry near Dousland. The architect was the Sir Charles Nicholson, who worked with Violet Pinwill on projects elsewhere, and who more than likely designed the items below.

Choir Stalls – Chaytor (1990) Guide (Gelsthorpe, 1985) C. Nicholson architect; 1915

Yelverton is in the list of churches supplied by Chaytor (1990, p. 68) where Violet Pinwill’s work exists but no further information is given on what may be found there. During a visit in October 2011 the guide revealed that Violet Pinwill had been commissioned to carve the oak choir stalls. They were placed in the church in memory of John and Elizabeth Bayly by their daughters in 1915. There are eight foliate poppy heads, some featuring creatures such as a snail, birds and what may be a caterpillar.


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