St Andrew

Unknown item – Chaytor (1990)

A faculty petition granted in 1903 includes plans by Edmund H. Sedding for a new south chancel aisle (DHC DEX/9/a/2/Whitchurch/4) and further plans are lodged at DHC (1626B/P/207-209). Woodwork was required in the form of new seating and a carving of The Lamb of God for a niche between the windows, and these could, conceivably, have been made by the Pinwills, though no evidence exists. The only other item seen on a visit to Whitchurch in July 2012 that may be attributable was the altar rails, but again, more information is needed.


Chaytor, E. (1990) Ermington Days. Melinga Publishing, North Cheam.

DHC 1626B/P/207-209 Plans. Whitchurch. New vestry, new aisle, East window of new aisle.

DHC DEX/9/a/2/Whitchurch/4 Faculty. Whitchurch. New South Chancel Aisle.