St Eustachius

Font and font cover at St Eustachius, Tavistock

Font Cover – Chaytor (1990) and Faculty (DHC DEX/9/a/3/1941/10); 1941

Tavistock is in the list of churches supplied by Chaytor (1990, p. 68) where Violet Pinwill’s work exists but no further information is given on what may be found there. A visit in October 2013 revealed the existence of a font cover very similar in design to those at Broadclyst in Devon and at Kenwyn, Landulph and Pillaton in Cornwall. It is dedicated to the memory of Major General C.E.E. Curtoys (died 1940) and his wife Maude (died 1935). Further investigation uncovered a faculty application submitted in November 1941 that includes drawings of the proposed font cover by Violet Pinwill.


Chaytor, E. (1990) Ermington Days. Melinga Publishing, North Cheam.

DHC DEX/9/a/3/1941/10 Faculty. Tavistock. Font Cover.