St Michael, Devonport & St Michael, West Hoe

Unknown item – Chaytor (1990)

The list of churches in Chaytor in which Pinwill work is to be found includes ‘St Michael’s’, which may mean St Michael, Devonport, but could also refer to St Michael, West Hoe. The first church of St Michael, Devonport, was built in 1843 and destroyed by bombing in 1941 (Twyford, 2005). It was replaced by a new church opened in 1953 but was later demolished and a third church built on the site in 2009 ( This implies that any item made by V. Pinwill would have either been lost in 1941 or replaced in the later refurbishments. St Michael, West Hoe, was originally a mission church of St James the Less in Citadel Road. When Father Maurice Child became Curate of St James in 1912, he oversaw the refurbishment of St Michael in the Baroque style, which became an expression of a renewed assertion of Anglo-Catholicism (Yelton, 2005). The church was later replaced by a permanent building and the furnishings renewed. It was declared redundant in about 1995 and is now a Greek Orthodox Church.


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