St John the Evangelist, Exeter Street

Plymouth St John the Evangelist
Frame and Base for Rood at St John the Evangelist in Plymouth
(Photo: PWDRO 244/5 with kind permission of Pinwill family)

Font Cover – Historic England (Plymouth St John); probably 1911

The Histroic England listing for St John the Evangelist states that the font cover was carved by the Pinwell (sic) sisters, while Cherry & Pevsner (2004) give 1911 for the font, which probably means the cover is of the same date.

Rood – Photograph (PWDRO 244/5); date unknown

Instead of a screen for the support of a rood, this crucifixion group hangs magnificently in mid-air, suspended by ropes. The figures were carved in Oberammergau (Keith Haydon, Priest in Charge, pers. comm.), but the frame and base pictured in PWDRO 244/5 are Pinwill work.

Lady Chapel Altar – Phillip Mitchell, Church Treasurer (pers. comm.); date unknown

The Church Treasurer owns an old guide that states the Lady Chapel altar was carved by V. Pinwill. This part of the church was almost destroyed by bombing in 1941 but the altar survived, and Historic England states that the chapel was rebuilt in 1955.


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PWDRO 244/5 Photograph Album. Various. Woodcarvings.