St Gabriel, Peverell

St Gabriel’s was designed by the architect W. D. Caröe and dedicated as a chapel of ease to St Pancras, Pennycross, in 1910 (Plymouth St Gabriel, 1978). It features some notable stained glass: a war memorial in the south aisle by Kempe & Co. from 1918 and above the chancel arch a series of five figures by Duncan Dearle of Morris & Co., installed in 1948.

Angels for Riddel Posts (4) – Photograph (PWDRO 244/1); ca 1925

These four semi-kneeling angels sit atop the riddel posts around the high altar holding sconces for candles. They date from around 1925 (Albert Jeffry, churchwarden, pers. comm.).

Plymouth St Gabriel Reredos
Plymouth St Gabriel Reredos

Reredos Panels – Photograph (PWDRO 116/13); 1947

The figures of Gabriel and the Virgin Mary are carved in low relief and coloured and gilded against a background of plain oak. According to the faculty, they were inserted into an existing reredos installed in 1930 (PWDRO 596/66). At this late stage in the history of the Pinwill company, when no architects were involved, the design must be Violet’s work. It is based on the painting of The Annunciation by Fillippo Lippi (1406-69) held by the National Gallery (Western Morning News, 1947). These beautifully designed and executed panels were the gift of Sir William Munday in 1947 as a memorial to Lady Munday.


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