St Chad, Devonport

In 1957 the church of St Chad was rededicated as St Lo when the Admiralty decided to restore the delapidated building and bring it within Devonport Dockyard (plymouthdata).

Hanging Sign and Figure of St Chad – Photographs (PWDRO 116/10); 1934

On 20 September 1934, the Bishop of Nassau dedicated the new hanging sign and figure of St Chad outside the church (Western Morning News, 1934). A church named St Chad was built in the 1950s at Whitleigh Green, on a post-war housing development, but the whereabouts of these items is unknown.


PWDRO 116/10 Photograph. St Chad. Hanging Sign and Figure of St Chad.

Western Morning News (1934) Kelly College Generosity. 18 September p. 8.