Sherwell Congregational, North Hill

This is the only non-Anglican church for which Violet Pinwill created pieces of work. The exception probably occurred because the church was almost opposite where Violet lived in Queen Anne Terrace on North Hill and she may well have known people who worshipped there. The evidence is included with plans by Edmund H. Sedding (DHC 1626B/P/199-201) but the drawings are clearly her work. One is of both the items below and is annotated ‘Note these sketches are not meant to be designs V. Pinwill’. Sherwell Church is now part of Plymouth University and whether these items have been removed to the hall next door, now used for worship, is not known.

Altar Table – Plans (DHC 1626B/P/199-201) V. Pinwill designer; date unknown

The drawing shows a simple table decorated only with carvings of leaves on panels below the apron at the front and sides.

Lectern – Plans (DHC 1626B/P/199-201) V. Pinwill designer; date unknown

This is again of a rather plain design with a single ring of acanthus leaves around the stem.


DHC 1626B/P/199-201 Plans. Plymouth Sherwell Congregational. Altar Table, Lectern.