St Mary

Mary Tavy Screen
Detail of fan vaulting and coving in the Chancel Screen at Mary Tavy

Rood Screen and Parclose Screens – Photographs (PWDRO 244/4 & 244/5) Chaytor (1990); 1894

A plaque adjacent to the rood screen states that it is dedicated to the memory of Sir John Anderson who died in July 1886 and that it was erected by his son the Rector of this parish in 1894. The screen is a reproduction, but Bond & Camm (1909, p. 333) state that it is ‘worthy of note, as it conforms to ancient models’. Edmund H. Sedding was the architect for this work (Western Morning News, 1921) and the rood screen appears in a list of notable modern work in Devon (Slader, 1968). Most of the decorative carving is indeed traditional but Sedding introduced a more modern motif around the two doorways, where tulips grace the borders. Plans for the screen are located at DHC (1626B/P/202-203).


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