All Saints

This was the parish church for previous generations of the Pinwill family when they lived in Salcombe. Andrew Pinwill, great grandfather of the sisters, and his first and second wives are commemorated in the stained glass of the East window. Many members of the extended family are buried in the churchyard below the window.

Pulpit – Newspaper article (Western Morning News, 1927); 1927

The existence of a Pinwill-carved pulpit at Malborough came to light through a newspaper article about its installation in the church. The piece describes the pulpit as ‘Gothic in character and quite simple, which make[s] the elaborately-carved vine cornice and foliated heads of the panels stand out in a very attractive manner’ (Ibid. p. 6). A photograph of the pulpit was also provided.


Western Morning News (1927) Malborough Church. 11 January pp. 6 & 8.