St Michael

Wall Panel – Hedges (2005); 1930s

The panel or panelling in question has not been definitely identified but it may be the WWI memorial in the south chapel.

Choir Stalls – A local man, now deceased, claimed that the choir stalls at Chagford were made by his aunt Violet Pinwill. However, no documentary evidence has been found to corroborate this claim, neither about the choir stalls, nor for Violet Pinwill having a nephew living in Chagford. Indeed, family history research back to the eighteenth century has not found any connection with the Ermington Pinwills. Added to this, the angels on the choir stalls are most untypical of Pinwill work, being depicted only from the waist up. Herbert Read of Exeter was responsible for the screen and pulpit at Chagford, but these are much more elaborate and finely carved. The faculty for the choir stalls, dated 1914, shows that the work was designed by W.D. Caröe (DHC DEX/9/a/2/Chagford/10) who did not at any time engage the Pinwills to undertake carving work for him.


DHC DEX/9/a/2/Chagford/10 Faculty. Chagford. Choir Stalls.

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