St Peter

Buckland-in-the-Moor Screen detail
Detail of coving at Buckland-in-the-Moor with original and new carved work

Chancel Screen Restoration – Photograph (PWDRO 255/3) G.H. Fellowes Prynne; 1907

The restoration of this ancient screen is an extremely beautiful and accomplished body of work. There are two pieces of evidence that strongly suggest that it was carried out by Ethel Pinwill. The photograph in PWDRO 255/3 is annotated on the back ‘carved by E. Pinwill’ and the church holds a Restoration Balance Sheet in which one of the outgoings is £424 15s to ‘Miss E. Pinwill’. In common with other restored screens, the new carving was not coloured or gilded to match the existing, but left plain to signify that it was not part of the original. The work was overseen by architect George H. Fellowes Prynne as part of the restoration, reseating and improvement of the church during this period (DHC 2150A/PW/2/a/1 & DHC DEX/9/a/2/BucklandintheMoor/12). The faculty for the restoration work contains only a generalised drawing of the screen by Prynne, with no details of the work to be done. It appears in a list of notable ancient screens with modern vaulting in Devon (Slader, 1968).


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