St Barnabus

Brooking Lectern
Eagle Lectern at Brooking

Lectern – Newspaper article (Western Morning News, 1891) E.H. Sedding designer; 1891

Some important early work by Rashleigh, Pinwill & Co. is not recorded in the photographs at PWDRO, including this piece, an elaborate eagle lectern. Fortunately, it is described in full in The Western Morning News on 12 October 1891:

Rashleigh, Pinwill, & Co., art carvers, of Buckland terrace, Plymouth, have just completed a fine oak lectern from the design by Mr. E. Sedding, architect of Plymouth, for Brooking Church, near Totnes. The lectern consists of an unusually fine eagle, posed as though standing on a rock, and about to take its flight. The stem upon which this is placed is most cleverly carved, and represents the natural trunk of a tree. Surrounding this are four very elaborate panels of open tracery work, standing entirely apart from the stem, and these are surmounted by richly-carved pinnacles and crocketting, the whole springing from fine solid oak base. It will undoubtedly add to the reputation of the architect and the artists. The lectern was used for the first time yesterday at the Brooking harvest festival.

The lectern is still in use and wearing well (though a section of the eagle’s feet is now loose) in this beautiful church featuring Dartington and other Devon marbles.


Western Morning News (1891) West of England News. 12 October p. 5.