St Mary

Lady Chapel Altar at Brixton

Pulpit – Guide (Fisher, 2011)

The guide (p. 3) states that the pulpit is ‘probably by the daughters of the Rev. Edmund Pinwill of Ermington’. It is dedicated to the Revd Theophilus Jones, who died in 1886, well before the Pinwill sisters had fully developed their carving skills. This design suggests that it is more likely to be the work of Herbert Read, who later created the fine oak reredos behind the high altar and probably the choir stalls as well.

Lady Chapel Altar, Altar Rails, Riddel Posts and Credence – Chaytor (1990); R.F. Wheatly; after 1941

The suite of furniture in the Lady Chapel is immediately recognisable as designed by Reginald F. Wheatly. The altar is in memory of Annie Louise Powell, who died in 1941, and bears silver-gilded symbols of the four evangelists reminiscent of Wheatly’s other work of that period for which he engaged V. Pinwill as carver. The altar rails, the angels on the riddel posts and the cherub’s face on the credence set into the chapel wall are also very much in keeping with Wheatly design and Pinwill execution. A faculty for chapel furnishings dated 1941 exists at DHC (DEX/9/a/3/1941/1) that requires further investigation to confirm this.


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