St Martin of Tours

Werrington Panelling
Panelling in the Chancel at Werrington

In the list of churches supplied by Chaytor (1990, p. 68) of where Violet Pinwill’s work exists, there is an entry for ‘Warrington’. However, a search for ‘Pinwill’ in the database of records held at CRO revealed work carried out at Werrington and so it has been assumed that the name was spelt incorrectly in Chaytor.

Chancel and Sanctuary Panelling – Chaytor (1990) as ‘Warrington’; Plans (CRO D/R 146/1-3) V. Pinwill designer; 1932

The oak panelling that lines the chancel and the corners either side of the reredos features low relief carvings, one depicting St Martin sharing his cloak with the beggar and another St Giles protecting the hunted hind. The original dedication was to R. Carlyon Coode (died 1931) of Polapit Tamar, a wealthy local landowner and magistrate, but a later inscription remembers his son Perceval Edward Gott Coode, who was killed in action at Cheux in 1944 in the Battle of Caen. Also commemorated by their initials are other members of the Coode family.


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