St Pinnock

St Pinnick, a grade I listed building, is now closed as a place of worship and in January 2019 was up for sale. However, prior to this, the author was contacted by the church warden and the Pinwill work in the church was added to the Statement of Significance for the Diocese.

Chancel Panelling – Plan (CRO D/R 120) R.F. Wheatly architect; 1945

There are no photographs of this panelling at PWDRO but a faculty plan for the work specifies V. Pinwill as the carver. The faculty petition is dated July 1945 but debate over the wording of the memorial inscription went on until November (CRO D/R 23/22). The panelling, covering the east, south and north walls of the chancel, is in memory of Emily Steer (died 1943) and was given by her husband and children. It is plain apart from small carvings featuring flowers and fruit and the symbols of the four evangelists.

St Pinnock Panelling detail
Detail of Panelling at St Pinnock


CRO D/R 23/22 Faculty Petition. St Pinnock. Memorial Panelling.

CRO D/R 120 Faculty Plans. St Pinnock. Chancel Panelling.