St Andrew

Redruth Reredos
Reredos at Redruth

Historic England (Redruth) states that most of the church of St Andrew was built 1883-84. It was not completed, however, until 1937-38, and then to designs by R.F. Wheatly drawn up in 1927.

Reredos – Photographs (PWDRO 116/67) R.F. Wheatly architect; 1938

There are two photographs in PWDRO 116/67, one showing some of the components of the reredos prior to dispatch, and the other the complete piece in place in the church. A pencilled sketch with coloured inks, dated January 1937 and prepared for the architect, indicates that the original centre panel design was of Christ the King, but this was altered to show the crucifixion scene (CRO P256/2/106). It is an enormous and elaborate piece of work, illustrated in a newspaper article (Western Morning News, 1938). This states that either side of the almost life-size crucifixion scene are the figures of St Andrew, St Christopher, St Uny and St Ninian, with their emblems carved on shields. It states that the reredos was the gift of Sir Edward Nicholl and confirms that the work was carried out by Miss Pinwill of Plymouth.

Candle Holder (2) – Photograph (PWDRO 116/67) R.F. Wheatly architect; 1938

In the photograph at PWDRO showing the reredos in the church, there is one of a pair of candle holders that appeared contemporaneous and to be decorated in the same way. A visit to St Andrew’s in August 2016 confirmed that the colours and decoration of the candle holders match that of the reredos, making it very likely that they were commissioned at the same time.


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