St Melor

Linkinhorne church contains some good modern carving, aside from that by V. Pinwill. In particular, the tower screen includes a delightful border crowded with gulls, fish, seaweed, rope, crabs and crab pots, the work of Herbert Read of Exeter in 1967-68 (Hugh Harrison, unpublished).

Pulpit – no documentary evidence

This pulpit is so similar in design to those at Crantock, Gorran, Lanteglos by Fowey, St Breward, St Buryan and St Erme that it has to be from the Pinwill workshop, although there is no documentary evidence, as yet, to substantiate this.

Lady Chapel Furnishings – Chaytor (1990); date unknown

Chaytor states that ‘this was a reconstruction of the Lady Chapel which Miss Pinwill was invited to undertake and which involved her in a new role’ (Ibid. p. 68). This was to choose the materials for curtains around the altar and for kneelers, etc. The implication is that V. Pinwill also carried out carving work for the reconstruction, such as the altar, cross, candlesticks and riddel posts, all of which are in a modern style. A clergy stall and an altar rail in the Lady Chapel may also be her work, although there are no photographs of any of these items at PWDRO to verify this.

Linkinhorne Lady Chapel
Lady Chapel Furnishings at Linkinhorne


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