St Marnarch

Lanreath Reredos
Reredos at Lanreath (Photo: Roy Reed)

The church at Lanreath is remarkable for its wealth of seventeenth-century furniture and the Grylls monument, as well as its early Tudor screen, recently restored (Pollock, undated).

Lady Chapel Reredos – Photograph (PWDRO 244/1); 1925

The photograph in PWDRO shows the reredos in the workshop with its three low relief carved panels prior to being coloured. A most informative report in the Western Morning News (1925) on the dedication of the reredos states that it was designed by R.F. Wheatly (not mentioned by V. Pinwill), the centre panel being based on a cast by Desiderioda Settignano, now in the Victoria and Albert Museum. The reredos was carved by Miss Pinwill of Plymouth and the colouring carried out by Mr Snell of Fouracre and Watson of Plymouth, who had previously created the memorial window close by. The necessity to use Mr Snell for the colouring implies that this was before Charles Gait had ‘learned the way it was done in medieval times’ (Chayor, 1990 p. 65), thus bringing such work in-house. The reredos was a gift in memory of the Revd John Buller Kitson, Rector for 34 years, who died in April 1923.


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