St Ladoca

Ladock Oak Chest
Memorial Oak Chest at Ladock

In 1908 Edmund H. Sedding designed the vestry and organ chamber at Ladock (CRO P103/2/18). The vestry includes a fine bay window with leaded panes, similar in style to designs Sedding employed to great effect at St Mary’s Abbotsbury, where the pattern of the lead provides interest and the colourless glass allows maximum light. Ladock church is noted for its collection of William Morris windows.

Oak Chest – Photograph (PWDRO 116/53); 1926

The photograph in PWDRO shows a seventeenth-century style chest with coat of arms and ornamental iron hinges. A newspaper article with the same photograph records that the carved oak chest was placed in Ladock church by parishioners as a memorial to Stamford Raffles Raffles-Flint, Rector of Ladock 1885 to 1920 and Archdeacon of Cornwall 1917 to 1925, and was carved by Miss Pinwill of Plymouth (Western Morning News, 1927). The chest now sits in the vestry, close to Sedding’s window, although the legs appear to have suffered some damage from damp.


CRO P103/2/18 Plan. Ladock. Organ Chamber.

PWDRO 116/53 Photograph. Ladock. Parish Chest.

Western Morning News (1927) Ladock Memorial. Archdeacon’s 35 Years’ Rectorship. 19 February p. 4.