St James the Great

Kilkhampton church contains several pieces of modern carving. The fine oak lectern was produced by Herbert Read of Exeter, who was also responsible for the altar and reredos in the Grenville chapel (Kilkhampton, 2012).

Altar Rails – Photograph (PWDRO 244/3) R.F. Wheatly architect; 1930

The altar rails in the photograph at PWDRO are illustrated in a plan by Cowell, Drewitt & Wheatly, architects, dated 1929 (CRO AD889/17) and faculty plans were submitted for an altar and altar rails (CRO D/R 78) in January 1930. The altar gate between the rails was added in 1977.

Altar – Plan (CRO AD889/17) Cowell, Drewitt & Wheatly architects; 1930

The original plan for the High Altar by Cowell, Drewitt & Wheatly, dated 1929, shows four designs; one of these (No.2) was selected and cut out. Although the altar has a wooden mensa, it is constructed of blocks of polyphant, with columns at either side, and a front decorated with carved borders highlighted in turquoise and blue. This altar could have been made by V. Pinwill at the same time as the rails above but there is insufficient evidence to support this.


CRO AD889/17 Plan. Kilkhampton. Rearrangement of East End.

CRO D/R 78 Faculty Plans. Kilkhampton. Altar, Altar Rails and Side Chapel.

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