King Charles the Martyr

Edmund H. Sedding carried out a notable restoration here in 1897-98, which included the addition of side chapels and complete re-roofing and re-ceiling (Beacham & Pevsner, 2014). During this restoration the church was fitted with new seating of stained deal with moulded oak ends (Western Morning News, 1897), but there is no indication that this work was carried out by the Pinwills. The work outlined below is of a much later period under the architect R.F. Wheatly.

Baptistry Panelling and Screen – Newspaper article (West Briton, 1939) R.F. Wheatly architect; 1939

The evidence for this work comes from an account of the dedication service carried out in 1939 for a new baptistery as a memorial to the late Rector, Canon B.L. Hope. The west end of the church was given marble and parquet flooring, the walls panelled in oak and an oak screen built. The baptistry was designed by R.F. Wheatly and the carving work done by V. Pinwill.

Font Cover Restoration – Photograph (PWDRO 116/49 & 244/3); probably 1939

This delicate-looking and intricately-carved cover for the hexagonal marble font set on a wooden pedestal dates to 1759 (Hodges, undated) and was restored by V. Pinwill. The carving of acanthus and oak leaves is identical to that on the dated credence table in the sanctuary. Parish records for that year state that £56 was spent on various furnishings, including a font and cover. The restoration work may well have been done at the same time as the panelling and screen above. The photograph of the restored cover held at PWDRO is grouped with those of Falmouth All Saints.


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