St Cubert

Tablet – Faculty Petition & Plans (CRO D/R 4/9 & D/R 47) V. Pinwill designer; 1900

At CRO there are faculty plans and correspondence relating to a carved oak tablet designed and executed by Miss V. Pinwill. It registers the fact that the sanctuary roof was restored in 1900 in memory of Charles Henry Hosken, vicar of Cubert from 1850 to 1895. Restoration of the fifteenth-century roof was carried out by Edmund H. Sedding (Royal Cornwall Gazette, 1900), who then commissioned Violet Pinwill to design and carve the memorial tablet. Most of the bosses in the restored roof appear to be relatively modern and may also have been replaced during the restoration (Cubert, 2015) and thus carved by Violet Pinwill.


CRO D/R 4/9 Faculty Petition. Cubert. Memorial Plaque.

CRO D/R 47 Faculty Plans. Cubert. Memorial Plaque.

Cubert (2015) The Parish Church of St Cubert. Church Tour Guide.

Royal Cornwall Gazette (1900) Proposed Memorial at Cubert Church. 10 May p. 5.