St Crida

Creed Pulpit
Pulpit at Creed (PWDRO 244/5 with permission of Pinwill family)

Pulpit – Photograph (PWDRO 244/4 & 244/5) Plan (CRO X272/15/1); 1920s or before

The photograph in PWDRO shows this piece prior to dispatch and it is merely annotated ‘Creed Ch Pulpit’. At CRO, however, there exists a plan by Violet Pinwill (though marked ‘R. Pinwill’) of the proposed pulpit. The finished piece is exquisitely carved and illustrates the skill of V. Pinwill as a designer. The plan is dated by CRO to the 1920s but the use of ‘R. Pinwill’ on the plan may suggest an earlier date.


CRO X272/15/1 Plan. Creed. Pulpit.

PWDRO 244/4 Photograph Album. Various. Woodcarvings.

PWDRO 244/5 Photograph Album. Various. Woodcarvings.