St Mary

Reredos – Photograph (Chaytor, 1990); Newspaper article (Western Gazette, 1889a); Faculty (SHC D\D\Cf/1889/5) E.H. Sedding designer; 1889

This was the first known piece of work carried out by Rashleigh, Pinwill & Co. and is pictured behind a group consisting of Edmund H. Sedding, Ethel Pinwill, Giles the carver, Flashman the joiner, and Mary and Violet Pinwill. Its location was only discovered through a report in the Western Gazette of its dedication in June 1889, in which the piece is described in great detail. It is extremely elaborate, with carving on every surface, and represents a very early design from Sedding. A faculty for the reredos, dated 1889, is held at Somerset Heritage Centre (SHC D\D\Cf/1889/5). The reredos caused quite a stir locally and it was reported a fornight after the dedication service that a number of people from neighbouring places had visited the church to see it and expressed interest and admiration (Western Gazette, 1889b).


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