St Andrew

In 1899 Violet’s sister Bertha married Robert Russ Conway, who became Bursar and Assistant Master at Weymouth College from 1901 to 1917 and Headmaster 1917 to 1927 (Western Gazette, 1949). After he retired, Robert became Warden at St Andrew’s in Preston, a post in which he remained for nearly 20 years. As well as the item below, the church contains a stained glass window in memory of their daughter Constance, who died of meningitis in 1921. The window was originally in Weymouth College chapel but was transferred to St Andrew’s when the school closed in 1940 (Western Gazette, 1940). Further research revealed that the window was designed by Constance’s older sister Catherine ( and probably made by the celebrated Arts & Crafts artist Joyce Meredith at The Glass Studio in London (Brooks & Cormack, 2017).

Altar Rails – Chaytor (1990); 1951

Robert died in 1950 and Bertha in 1951. In the following year, memorial altar rails were placed in the church, featuring the four evangelists in their symbolic forms. An inscription on the sanctuary panelling provides details of the lives of Robert and Bertha.


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